No Egos Through Exits

The next chapter could be a number of things. . Transferring your business to either a family member, your employees or a third party.    It could be a waiting period before you start a new opportunity, it could be early retirement, or it could be getting involved heavily in a great charity. 

Ego can get in the way of critical path decisions.  Not just business, but family, friendship, and personal goals.  Such things as, I will not take a dime less for this business; or I will not do that, for you are not actually getting your way again; or my son will not play on that team, for he is better than that; or lastly I'm not going to that event with you because you invited Bob?  Ego can exclude you from events you would like to attend, damage family relationships, and prevent your kids from enjoying life. 

We hope to assist our clients with ego management.  We need to find your number, quantify the value of your business with substantial proof, and then assist with a successful exit.  Many entrepreneurs have held to their ego number and later had a business with no value.  This just happened with the price of oil dropping in 2015.  You don't want to be an ego casualty.  Allow us to help you for your exit strategy succession plan and sell your business for your number.